Friday, May 27, 2016

Asylum Shriek Wanna Atomic zine, Gutt Ghost & Mik-Viktor prints!

Asylum Shriek Wanna Atomic zine

Gutt Ghost print

Mik-Viktor print

Here are the first round of offerings. 
'Asylum Shriek Wanna Atomic', named after a track listing to 'The Mangled Dead' album 'Asylum of Satan', is a 16 page zine with all manner of sketchery and comic excerpt. There's a small production run for this (100) and once they're gone, that's it. No more Asylum Shriek Wanna Atomic.

I've also created two prints. 'Mik-Viktor' and 'Gutt Ghost'.
My first set of comics will be for these lovely two. So, in preparation of their arrival, we have prints. Same goes for these, small run (Mik-Viktor - 15 and Gutt Ghost - 35) and once gone... that's it.

All three of these are available in my cartel shop-

Here's the pricing breakdown:
'Asylum Shriek Wanna Atomic' Zine - $3 +shipping
'Mik-Viktor' 11x17 print - $4 +shipping
'Gutt Ghost' 11x17 print - $4 +shipping